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SKF is rooted in China and Shanghai Kaiquan is going global

On May 9, 2018, Mr. Tang yurong, Svenska kullager-fabriken group senior vice President and President of SKF Asia, and Mr. Wang wei, President of SKF China industrial sales department visited Shanghai kaiquan on behalf of SKF group.

Mr. Wang jian, vice President of kaiquan group, warmly received the guests and told them about the development process of kaiquan group. Mr. Wang accompanied the guests to visit the kaiquan pump house and the intelligent cloud platform and made a detailed introduction. The two sides expressed their intention to further deepen cooperation.

Mr. Lin kaiwen, chairman of kaiquan group, decided to conduct in-depth cooperation on the following issues on the basis of the existing authorized use of trademarks after discussion with representatives of SKF group:

1. Deepen strategic cooperation and fully expand cooperation in multiple products, platforms and industries;

2. Strengthen technical communication, including new product development, product upgrading and design optimization;

3. Carry out in-depth cooperation in monitoring the performance of rotating equipment. Using the knowledge reserves of both parties in various fields, develop the resolute scheme for testing the performance of rotating equipment applicable to China's pump industry; Use big data and cloud processing means to help customers achieve visibility and predictability of rotating equipment performance.

SKF is the world's leading manufacturer of rolling bearings, with operations in 130 countries and more than 500 million bearings produced every year. Shanghai kaiquan, as the leading enterprise in the domestic pump industry, will make joint efforts with SKF to achieve greater achievements in product research and development, optimization and upgrading. Let's wait and see!

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Post time: May-12-2020

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